Majority of Rotterdam City Council signs Energy Transition Agreement

Today 10 of the 13 parties at the Rotterdam City Council signed an Energy Transition Agreement. The local Energy Transition Agreement is an initiative of alderman Arno Bonte and together they want to cut the Rotterdam CO 2 emissions with 50% in the next 10 year. The group also think that the energy transition could be a accelerator for new businesses and jobs.

In 2050 they want turn the Port of Rotterdam into the most sustainable port of Europe. The industry should switched from fossil fuels to locally produced electricity or green hydrogen. The 10 local parties also want the Port Of Rotterdam becoming a major player in building and maintaining wind farms at the North Sea which will be distributed via a smart grid to people and business in Rotterdam. They want to achieve that with the following five transitions:
– Transitions of harbor and industry
– Transition of built environment
– Transition of mobility
– Transition of energy
– Transition of economy

More info about the Energy Transition Agreement