Finally Lil’ Delfshaven is open!

On Friday April 12 the new design hotspot Lil ’Delfshaven openend in the old Lage Erfbrug bridge keeper’s house. Lilia Costa wants to give the smallest store (9m2) of Rotterdam a multifunctional character. In addition to selling local products like coffee, design and art, it will be also a tourist information point and it will host regularly small peculiar events.

The bridge keeper’s house was given two new doors designed by Tomaline architecture. The interior is decorated by designer Dennis Vedder. “Dennis has arranged the space very nicely and has made good use of it.

About the bridge keeper’s house
The old, characteristic bridge guard house at the Lage Erfbrug – which is the property of the municipality of Rotterdam and a municipal monument – has no longer function since 2006. It has been managed by Stichting Brugwachtershuisjes since 2012 and was used for various cultural purposes such as exhibitions and a mini concert stage. Some 700 houses in the Netherlands alone require reuse by more and more remote control of bridges. Amsterdam already has 11 hotel suites in bridge keeper houses, for Rotterdam there are opportunities to strengthen the relationship with the water through the reuse of another 15 houses. “

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