Did you buy your own Air-Cleaning Bicycles already?

The bikes designed by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde would suck in polluted air, using positive ionization to clean it, before pushing it back out into the atmosphere.


More innovation

Dutchman, Daan Roosegaarde who brought us air pollution-busting innovations like the 7 meter ‘smog tower’ to suck out the bad air in China; the ‘smog ring’ and ‘Van Gogh Path’, a light emitting bicycle path, is at it again with this Smog Free Project. The bike is currently at its first stage of creation – and so far, looks promising.

How it works

This ‘smog-sucking’ bike is a fairly straightforward concept. As you pedal the bike, it sucks in the dirty air, cleans it and thrusts the air back out, creating an envelope of clean air for the cyclist to cycle in. At least that’s the idea, anyway. The hope is that it encourages people to use their cars less and cycle more.

“Bikes have always been a symbol of energy-friendly and congestion-reducing living, but this bike serves a double function by cleaning the air as you cycle,” says Roosegaarde. “For me, design has never been about creating yet another chair or another table. We should use creativity to improve the way we live.”

It isn’t a panacea for all pollution problems, but it’s a step in the right direction. The idea has been around for a few years, but never grew legs (or wheels) until now. Leave it to the creative juices of Studio Roosegaarde to bring it to reality.