Opening Jörg Rubert and Jürgen Bürgin

At April 20th, RAW Streetphoto Gallery (Coolsesstraat 75) celebrates her 3­ years anniversary with a duo exhibition of Jürgen Bürgin and Jorg Rubbert “IntimateStrangers”. The opening is at 16:00.

Jürgen Bürgin
Jörg Rubert

The Artists
Jürgen Bürgin and Jorg Rubbert are the front runners of street photography in Europe. Their artworks are influencing photography development. Rubbert and Bürgin are seeking touching scenes, emotions, thinkful gestures and dreamy views. Many of the pictures show people who are absorbed and absentminded with their thoughts.

Intimate Strangers
In Intimate Strangers Jürgen and Jorg pictured the lonely ones among people ­in the middle of New York. The photographs are showing emotional, intimate moments in everyday life of the New Yorkers. The photographers discover emotional moments in the hustle of the subway, in the streets of Manhattan at night, in the side streets of Brooklyn or in clubs or pubs, where they get accidentally while they are roaming the megacity.

New York
New York is one of the major inspirational places of street photography. Full of characters and experiences. Build perfectly for photography and human dramas. Intimate Strangers ­ tells it all. Most of the photos are street photographs, images of strangers, of people whom the two photographers have met in New York – on the streets of the city, in the subway, in clubs or in pubs.

3 years
RAW Streetphoto Gallery was founded by Alexey Shifman, as an experimental place for emerging street photographers. Since then, the gallery has become an important part of artistic landscape in Rotterdam. We are so proud to celebrate of being three years together.