Invented in Rotterdam

Three local Rotterdam solutions for global problems

Swinging Excercise

Breathing exercises boring? Not any more! The GroovTube helps children with a chronic condition to exercise in a playful way. With the help of an interactive game they regulate and build the respiratory muscle strength. The visual feedback on the breathing boosts commitment and motivation. Breath in or out into the mouthpiece and this will register the airflow and convert it into image effects and sound effects in a specially developed app. The GroovTube is developed by AudioRhoon, in collaboration with Rijndam Rehabilitation. It is used during respiratory therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Fix Bed Hook

Using the “Fix bed hook” you can put the side rail of a cot in any desired position. Much to the delight of the nurses of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the Sophia Children’s Hospital. Here, the cots are standard equipped with side rails that are adjustable in two different positions, which hinders the work. The high position and also the safest position makes it difficult to reach the small child. Moreover, the intravenous infusion lines are often too short. However, adjusting the side rail to the low position means that the small child can fall out of bed – with all the associated consequences. Technicare came up with an idea. In close collaboration with nurses, they invented and developed the Fix bed hook, making the cot adjustable in several positions.


A patient must be able to fully rely on the correct content and description of pre-packaged medication pouches. To carry out quick and efficient checks in pharmacies, Spark Design & Innovation and ZiuZ Medical have developed ‘IRIS’, a compact medication pouches scanner. IRIS checks medication pouches at a speed of 2,000 pouches per hour. The pouches are checked by analysing colour and ‘near infrared’ (NIR) images.