Newsdam needs reporters

Since 2019 the online newspaper Newsdam writes in English about all kind of Dutch news. We started in Rotterdam and are now expanding to other University cities in the Netherlands and therefore we need reporters.

For the Rotterdam newsdesk we are looking for volunteers who are able to write about topics such as Local, People, Business, Arts, Sport, Lifestyle, Jobs, Market in English on a regular basis. Do you life in Amsterdam, Delft, Eindhoven, Groningen, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Tilburg, Twente, Utrecht or Wageningen then you are also more then welcome to apply as we love to expand to those cities too. 

Newsdam wants to cover (written, audio and video) on a daily basis Dutch news. In every city where we succeed to publish four articles a day we will establish a newsdesk. A newsdesk is a meetingpoint and volunteers get 24/7 free access to this workingplace.

Who are you?
– You like to write in English
– You are not afraid to aks questions to people by mail, phone or life
– You are curious, enthusiastic, representative, service-oriented and helpful.
– You are flexible and able to record and edit audio and video files
– You love to read Newsdam online. 
– You are interested in media 
– You speak Dutch and English

What are your duties?
– Ensure a pleasant atmosphere in which people like to answer your questions and/or help you to find them
– Write on a regular basis articles for Newsdam

What we ask
– Willingness to delve into a topic
– Willingness to think from the perspective of the reader

What do we offer?
– An inspiring environment to come together, gain and share knowledge and expand your network.
– The ability to build work experience in the news industry
– Staff lunch and coffee / tea break.
– A volunteer allowance of EUR 5 an article, with a maximum of EUR 150 per month.
– W.A. and accident insurance.
– A Newsdam Press Card after 10 article and an International Press Card after 100 articles
– IPC holders get free access to activities (lectures, workshops, trainings, events, etc) all others volunteers get 50% discount

Respond or know more?
Would you like to write for Newsdam? Send an email with a motivation letter and CV to subject reporter volunteer. 

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more? Then contact Erik van Loon at 06 3826 5666 or