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On December 3rd 1984, 34 years ago Surinamese politician Somohardjo and Rob Wormer (chairman of the pro-Bouterse organisation Unie voor Volksdemocratie) were invited to the TV talk show of Karel van de Graaf. The discussion during the live broadcast ends up in a fight between Somohardjo and Evert Tjon (also known


At December 5th 1957 Indonesia declared the Dutch dangerous and urged them to leave the country. The day itself got the nickname Black Sinterklaas as Indonesia decided this at the traditional Dutch Sinterklaasfeest.


Dutch singer and actor Ramses Shaffy (29 August 1933 – 1 December 2009) died 9 years ago. He was very popular during the 60s. His most famous songs include “Zing, Vecht, Huil, Bid, Lach, Werk en Bewonder”, “We Zullen Doorgaan”, “Pastorale”, “Sammy” and “Laat Me”. He frequently collaborated with Dutch singer Liesbeth


November 30, 1992 A passenger train from Amsterdam to Vlissing derailed at 7.15 in the morning near Hoofddorp. Five people were killed and 33 were injured in the accident. Two days earlier an international train from Amsterdam to Paris derailed at nearly the same location.