Sponge Garden

The climate is changing: the rain is heavier and the dry periods between are lasting longer. How can we moderate these two extremes? A lot of rain water currently drains through sewers to prevent flooding. However, that does not always work and increases the problem of drought. De UrbanistenDe Urbanisten

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Invented in Rotterdam

Three local Rotterdam solutions for global problems Swinging Excercise Breathing exercises boring? Not any more! The GroovTube helps children with a chronic condition to exercise in a playful way. With the help of an interactive game they regulate and build the respiratory muscle strength. The visual feedback on the breathing

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Did you buy your own Air-Cleaning Bicycles already?

The bikes designed by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde would suck in polluted air, using positive ionization to clean it, before pushing it back out into the atmosphere. More innovation Dutchman, Daan Roosegaarde who brought us air pollution-busting innovations like the 7 meter ‘smog tower’ to suck out the bad air in China;

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Cow Toilets

A cow toilet is being developed in the Netherlands, yes, you read that right. There is soon to be a toilet made exclusively for our bovine friends. A cow toilet that separates cow urine from cow dung, with the aim of solving the problem of ammonia emissions within the dairy

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Finally Lil’ Delfshaven is open!

On Friday April 12 the new design hotspot Lil ’Delfshaven openend in the old Lage Erfbrug bridge keeper’s house. Lilia Costa wants to give the smallest store (9m2) of Rotterdam a multifunctional character. In addition to selling local products like coffee, design and art, it will be also a tourist

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