Here you can find gatherings of people for some common purpose (to network, to learn, to have fun, etc.).


vegan lifestyle fair VeggieWorld in Utrecht

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World Press Freedom Day Rotterdam

At may 3rd, Newsdam organize for the third time already the World Press Freedom Day in Rotterdam and watch together with them from 20:00-22:00 the film Harrison’s Flowers. Harrison’s FlowersOctober 1991. Harrison Lloyd, photographer at ‘Newsweek’, is sent to Yugoslavia to take pictures of a conflict described by the media

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Walk21 to Rotterdam

Over the last ten years Rotterdam has transformed the centre into a “City Lounge” in order to encourage people to meet, stay and enjoy Rotterdam – by reallocating road and parking space, slowing traffic speeds and investing in quality public space at an impressive scale. The results are transformative, well

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Dutch April Fools’ Day

It’s a dream of every marketeer to come up with a viral joax (=joke/hoax) We already spotted the following joax: Dogkini Hunkemöller advertise with the dogkini’s. A bikini for the dog and according to their website you can buy it in the shops from april 15 and pre-order from the

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Video : Blackface and Sinterklaas video

Exactly two years ago shared a video in which they tried to explain why blackface is still part of Dutch Holidays in the 21st century. Let’s watch it together because I think that they did a great job.

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