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Dutch Design Month 2019

From december 1st till december 24th the 4th Dutch Design Month will be held. This year the DDM2019 will take place in Rotterdam (since 2016), in Delft (since 2018) en Leiden (since 2019). In the (Dutch) newspaper below you can find the whole programm. Kijk hier onder online of download de

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Sponge Garden

The climate is changing: the rain is heavier and the dry periods between are lasting longer. How can we moderate these two extremes? A lot of rain water currently drains through sewers to prevent flooding. However, that does not always work and increases the problem of drought. De UrbanistenDe Urbanisten

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World Press Freedom Day Rotterdam

At may 3rd, Newsdam organize for the third time already the World Press Freedom Day in Rotterdam and watch together with them from 20:00-22:00 the film Harrison’s Flowers. Harrison’s FlowersOctober 1991. Harrison Lloyd, photographer at ‘Newsweek’, is sent to Yugoslavia to take pictures of a conflict described by the media

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Walk21 to Rotterdam

Over the last ten years Rotterdam has transformed the centre into a “City Lounge” in order to encourage people to meet, stay and enjoy Rotterdam – by reallocating road and parking space, slowing traffic speeds and investing in quality public space at an impressive scale. The results are transformative, well

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Invented in Rotterdam

Three local Rotterdam solutions for global problems Swinging Excercise Breathing exercises boring? Not any more! The GroovTube helps children with a chronic condition to exercise in a playful way. With the help of an interactive game they regulate and build the respiratory muscle strength. The visual feedback on the breathing

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